I find solace in fresh air, an empty sketchbook, and a handful of colored markers.

image by    florian klauer

2014 - Now Los Angeles, CA

Moving to LA is like moving to 6 cities at once. It's a bee hive, a playground of manifestation - a place that champions artists and rewards those who dare to push beyond the confines of their own fear barriers. It also punches you in the faces and shoots you to the moon in the same day.

2010 - 2014 Vancouver, BC

I join a team of 5 to launch a global luxury brand in Canada, we grow to 18 employees in less than 6 months. It is a crash course in small business and I see firsthand what it means to crumble from the inside-out. I dust off my pencil skirt and over the next four years, I create a marketing plan for a global comedy network, brand a vegetarian quick-serve concept, work in sales at the head office of the largest restaurant group in the city, manage a call center in Jordan and co-found an incubator. I fall in love with the ocean and learn that cab drivers are my favorite kind of storytellers.

image by derek bronken

image by derek bronken

2008-2010 Bozeman, Montana

I am fresh out of school and splitting 14-hour days between retail and working at a wine bar. It is 2008 and America has officially shit the bed. I ski every chance I get, learn about french varietals and how to properly open a champagne bottle. I have 26 job interviews in 8 months. My interview skills are impeccable, my ego is shattered and I begin to look beyond the US borders for my big break. I hang up my ski coat and reach out to nearly every person I know world-wide.


image by    Sam Milbrath

image by Sam Milbrath

2005-2006 Avignon, France

I leave on 6am flight with two giant bags, a pillow and 8 cliff bars. Four flight changes, one missed flight, a train ride, 36 hours and 8 cliff bars later - I arrive in the small town of Avignon in the south of France. My rusty French is good enough to get me to the nearest hotel, order a pizza and fall asleep.

I attend l’Université d’Avignon and experience the disastrous beauty of the French bureaucratic system. I ski in the Alps, spend St. Paddy’s day in Dublin, fall in love with a Spaniard, gain 35 pounds and return, one year later, with a deep appreciation for the ‘land of convenience’ - a place called home.

image by    Sam Milbrath

image by Sam Milbrath

2003-2008 Victoria, BC

I pack up everything I own and load it into my Dad's truck. I arrive in Victoria fresh off the boat with nothing to lose. I bike everywhere, drink legally and live in 6 different homes in 4 years. I study marketing, finance, international business, and learn how to roll a joint and really throw a Frisbee.


1984-2003 Whitefish, MT

I am the middle child between two brothers. I am only three and I am out to prove to the world that I can do it too. My dad teaches me to change a tire, drive standard, build a fire and look up at the stars. My mom teaches me to speak French, to paint, to never stop learning and to always state my truth. We don’t have cable. Instead we listen to stories, we draw, we play instruments and run in the woods. I’m scared of grizzly bears and mountain lions and I hate riding the bus to school.

I dream of someday wearing a suit and riding the subway to work.